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Approx. age of Screen:
Color of Enclosure:
Type of Spline:
Height of Pool Enclosure (Approx Ft)
Roof Type:



  # of panels
Number of Base Panels Needing Rescreening.
(Lowest Panels to the Ground)

Number of Body Panels Needing Rescreening (Side Panels that are located above Base Panels)

Number of Roof Edge Panels Needing Rescreening
(See Diagram)
Number of Panel Locked Roof Panels needing Rescreening
(Any Panel on Roof that is 1 or more panels away from edge.)
Number of Riser Panels needing Rescreening.
(Panels on any full screen wall that extend above house roofline) (Domed or A Frame)
Number of Transom Panels Needing Rescreening
(Panels on back wall (Closest to house) that extend above house roofline) (Domed or A Frame)
Number of Doors needing to Complete Rescreening
Number of Doors Needing Upper Panel Rescreening
Number of Doors Needing Lower Panel Rescreening
Number of Doors Needing Kick Plate
Replacement Size of Kick plate 8" or 16"  (Please Choose Size)
Number of Door kits Needing to be replaced
*All panels will be rescreened with Phifer 18/14 Charcoal Screening unless otherwise requested.

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