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Screenologist, Inc. specializes in the rescreening and repair of screen enclosures, pool enclosures, porches, patios, etc. Because we use the words rescreening and repair, we often get the question of whether or not we do structural work on screen rooms and pool enclosures. The answer to the question is that we do some structural aluminum work, but it is limited. This page is designed to help answer questions as to what types of structural aluminum repair we actually do.

Just to make clear, we are fully licensed aluminum contractors capable of all of the facets of aluminum work including building pool enclosures and screen rooms. Many of our customers ask, “then why don’t you build them too?” The answer is simple. We want to be specialized to we can do what we do well. Do one thing, and do it great. That is what Screenologist, Inc. of Central Fl. is all about. This is one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. Most aluminum contractors try to do everything, and never really master one aspect of the business. Most screen companies don’t have an aluminum contracting license, but instead just carry a handyman license, which is not the proper qualification for aluminum work. We try to combine the strength of each, specialization in rescreening with the proper qualifications of an aluminum contractor.

We do not do complete pool enclosure rebuilding. What we will do is take on a minor repair that accompanies the screen work and rescreening necessary on a screen enclosure. This might include replacing screen doors, fixing air cables (tie down cables), adding metal to reinforce bracing, repairing a damaged wall upright, repairing a 2x2 aluminum crosspiece, reattaching a leaning wall, screwing the pool enclosure back down to the pool deck, and many other types of minor structural damage. If the whole roof has fallen down, or a wall is completely destroyed, you can call us and we will refer you to a reputable aluminum contracting company who will better suit your aluminum repair needs.

To find out more about our screen repair services for your screen room or pool enclosure please fill out our E-Quote form, call us toll free at 1-888-322-7419 or email for a free estimate or more information.

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