Super Gutter Change Out

Super gutter replacement on Pool enclosure rescreen

Another exceptional service offered by Screenologist, Inc. is a gutter change out. Often times in our business we encounter older pool enclosures. These pool enclosures sometimes use an outdated attachment where the pool enclosure meets the gutter and fascia. These outdated attachments can lead to leaks behind the gutter and onto the wooden fascia of a house. If left incorrect, these aged attachments can lead to fascia rotting, rafter rotting and roofing problems. This is where Screenologist, Inc. takes over. We remove the enclosure from the house and temporarily prop it up for safety while the other work is being completed. (If necessary, this is the time that a carpenter is contracted to replace any rotten wood.) We then install a top quality super gutter (5" or 7" depending on the application) to the fascia, and reattach the pool enclosure safely and securely to the wooden fascia. The procedure can virtually eliminate leaky gutters, future wood rot, leaf trapping, collapsing attachments and other problems related to these outdated attachments.

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