Introducing SuperScreenŽ . . . the new technology available in protection for pool, patio or porch.  outdoor casual living.  SuperScreen is the perfect choice for the homeowner who demands the very best in family enjoyment and safety outdoors while providing a high-quality, long-lasting home improvement investment.The newest technology in enclosure screen! Now you can have a screen that will not have to be replaced every few years. Until now, screen fabrics for outdoor enclosures have been limited in strength and durability, needing replacement in only a few years due to puncture, tearing or breakdown from exposure to the sun. The fiberglass screen material available today can become hard and brittle within 3 to 4 years, to the point it can be easily damaged by pets, flying objects (like a golf ball) or children at play.  Within 6 to 7 years, with deterioration, a strong gust of wind can tear fiberglass screen to shreads.    Twitchell's extrusion-coated SuperScreen outlasts fiberglass.   It provides the homeowner many years of worry-free durability and protection, by incorporating superior tear resistance and tensile strength.  SuperScreens advanced polymer formula defies deterioration.  In a simulated seven-year weathering test, SuperScreen lost only 1% of its original strength.  In fact, it remained 3 times stronger than new fiberglass screen. The only screen so durable it has a TEN-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.  That's seven years longer than the leading fiberglass screen. Twitchell's lanai screening fabric exceeds the requirements of Section 553.73 of the Florida Building Code. SuperScreen is the new generation of outdoor screen guaranteed to last. You may never have to re-screen again! Better protection. Better value too. This new fabric provides more than just a "good enough" screen.  It provides insect and pest protection, privacy, safety, and debris control. SuperScreen offers the homeowner extended durability and protection by incorporating superior tear resistance and tensile strength.  It gives the homeowner a quality investment and trouble-free enjoyment, with lasting aesthetic appeal and low maintenance. Before SusperScreen, outdoor screen products only gave customers choices between beneficial characteristics or features.  There were no other choices - no protection against punctures, tears or frequent deterioration.  SuperScreen offers them all - so the most important, long-term benefits of screen protection don't have to be eliminated.Compare features. Compare durability. Compare costs.  Over the life of the fabric, with an unmatched warranty, SuperScreen will prove to be a smart, worry free investment.

Tell your contractor you want SuperScreen! Here's why.

SuperScreenŽ creates an outdoor fabric enclosure that is superior to that of today's fiberglass screen fabrics.  This new technology is setting a new durability standard for outdoor screen - - for increased strength, stability against deterioration from exposure to the sun, and tear resistance.  Combined with a previously unavailable Ten-Year Limited Warranty, you have an investment that will last and last - with less repairs, less maintenance and big savings in potential replacement costs.  


Tear and puncture resistant  A combination of superior strength and weight create unmatched durability in Twitchell Brand SuperScreen.  At 6.5 oz. per sq. yd., SuperScreen is 18% heavier than competitor offerings.  Unlike fabric made of dip-coated fiberglass, SuperScreen fabric utilizes an extrusion-coated polyester core yarn, which results in superior tear and tensile strength that is 300% stronger than competitive offerings* and extended life of the product.  These features translate into a fabric highly resistant to punctures and tears, caused by falling debris and pet or pest damage, *Strengths are industry-established measures for the amount of force required to tear both damaged and undamaged textile products.


Stability from UV damage  The UV tolerant properties of SuperScreen reveal themselves in the form of unsurpassed color retention, longevity, and filtering characteristics.  With SuperScreen, extended exposure to the sun will not result in the bleaching, flaking, and fading, like other screens.  Fiberglass screen tends to get brittle with age and sun exposure, while SuperScreen is virtually unaffected – which means it will look newer longer and save on maintenance.


Mildew Resistant  SuperScreen fabric includes a biocide compound that resists mildew growth, yielding longer lasting beauty from the fabric.


The screen that lasts and lasts.  SuperScreen has a life expectancy of more than 10 years and is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.  The average lifespan of fiberglass fabric is approximately 6 years, and is backed by only a 1-3 year warranty. 

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